Beater is equiped with SMC top-class optical parts, produced from thick-walled one piece of metal. Its also nitrogen filled. The best feature of new Beater is high resistance to shock suitable for example for 300 WinMag. RED POINT adjustable in 11 steps.

- tube is made of material with a thickness of 3 mm

- brightness of "red dot" was moved to the side mounts. This allows easy control of intensity of "red dot" even when aiming

- sights "T" equipped with red dot produced by new technology

- completely reworked the mechanics of setting module sights

- in the production of lens were used new optical materials, including optical coatings


Förstoring: 1-4x

Lins diameter: 24 mm

Synfältsvinkel: 19-5 °

Synfält på 1000 m: 335-87 m

Optisk utgång: 15,2-5,2 mm

Tubdiameter: 30 mm

Lins yta: SMC

Längd: 241 mm

Vikt: 430 g

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FOMEI Beater II 1-4x24

  • Varumärke: Fomei
  • Produktkod: OY6271
  • Tillgänglighet: I lager
  • 2,995.00kr

Tags: Kikarsikte, Fomei, 1-4, drevjakt, fomei, kikarsikte, II